Wednesday, March 13, 2013

2 Days Post Retrieval

Things are starting to get a bit uncomfortable.   My "cheekers" are getting sore from the daily shots and I am still feeling really bloated.  It is starting to become more difficult to take deep breaths.  If I am not feeling better by tomorrow I will probably go in to get checked out.  Hopefully everything is okay, but better safe than sorry!  More salt and more protein!

On the other hand my embabies are doing amazing!  As a matter of fact there are MORE!  You heard that right we went from 11 yesterday which are still thriving today and doing wonderful to 14!!!  The IVF coordinator said not to get too excited about the late bloomers, but hey up is better than down right!  I'm thrilled at the fact that the 11 from yesterday are looking strong!

Thanks for sticking with me everyone.  Things are getting very exciting as we approach transfer day (Saturday) and then you are going to have to bear with me through the TWW (two week wait) as I will be evaluating every pinch, twinge, cramp, etc.  We've made it this looking back!



Amber said...

Uh oh. Sounds like some OHSS. Hopefully it will pass on the next few days. Those shots.... Sigh. They are just awful. Hang in there!!! Great news about the embryos!! More is great!! So happy the original 11 Re going strong!! This is a great update!!! Thinking about you a lot this week!!!

Ms DanL said...

This is wonderful news! I'm so excited to hear that the embabies are doing well & seemingly thriving. Know that you'll have lots of thoughts and prayers in that rough waiting period -- only good thoughts!!!

Julie said...

Thanks Ladies. My lovely s-i-l informed me that technically my 2ww has started already! (Duh, me!) Thank goodness because I couldn't handle the full 2 weeks!