Tuesday, April 2, 2013

5 Weeks 1 Day

Hello Everyone!

Ahh have things been hectic.  As you know I started my new job which is going really well.  It is definitely going to be an adjustment, but a very welcome change!  Easter was great of course.  I spent the day with my family, ate too much and of course took numerous naps.

I'm losing my mind waiting for my 7 week ultrasound, but thankfully have a lot going on to keep myself busy until then.  This week I will be busy training and getting settled for work and this weekend I will be attending the sewing expo!  Then next week I will travel for more training and then bam!! It will be 7 weeks.  I go in phases of not feeling pregnant at all to feeling really pregnant.  For instance, I just did the boob check, (you know, checking for tenderness) and they didn't feel sore at all and then all of a sudden wait a minute....YES they do hurt.

I have been really miserable since I had a skin reaction to the PIO.  I have a terrible itchy rash in addition to the bruising and pain.  It is really horrible.  I have a new prescription to try a different type of oil and see if that helps.  I still plan on using what I have already bought since it is so freakin expensive.

I'm going to end this blog with a "What the HELL is wrong with people."  Which you may know what I am talking about if you saw my facebook post.  I took my dog Lady out to the park tonight to burn off her endless energy and there was 2 other people there.  So I let her run around normally off her leash because it is a pain to keep her on it since she just really wants to RUN.  So I get started on my walk and one of the 2 people at the park yells at me...YOU know you HAVE to have your dog on a leash.  I continued to walk past and she yells, I'm going to get your license plate and report you to the county.  Are you kidding me.  That is all you have better to do on this wonderful evening is sit at the park and yell at people for trying to get out and exercise along with their dogs?  I wanted to yell, you know what b****...I am pregnant, super hopped up on hormones and this is the only relaxation I have before I have to go home and shove a 2 inch needle in my ass.  I've had a long day and I brought my dog to this park because I knew there wouldn't be a lot of people here so you can either shut your f'ing mouth and leave us alone or I am going to take you and your stupid camera and throw you in the swamp.  How do you like me now?

Hmmmmm...Dick mentioned I have been crabbier than usual.  LOL!


WANTED CRIMINAL: Description 20lbs, white with red spots, wanted for being seen at the almost empty park off her leash disturbing the peace according to one park attendee, who states: "I yelled at the owner that her dog need to be on a leash" and then after the owner ignored me, shouted "I'm going to write down your license plate and contact the country"... if you see this little red and white pup and feel threatened as this ridiculous lady obviously did please contact 1-800-getafnlife

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