Tuesday, May 28, 2013

13 Weeks

Monday marked 13 weeks!  I really don't have anything to update.  No big changes for me.  I am still have some morning sickness here and there and I am still really tired.  I noticed after the weekend (we went up north with the family) I found myself glued to the couch napping on and off almost all day yesterday.  Will my energy ever return?

I was able to get out for a walk and go golfing (with a cart) over the weekend and that felt pretty good.  It seems my crazy weight gain has slowed for the time being.  I'm okay with that!

Upcoming excitement:  This weekend I am going with my Mom and Sister-in-law to see Wicked the musical.  I did read the books, but heard from several people that the musical is awesome!  I can't wait.  Also, the weekend after that I am going down to visit in Chicago!  That is always such a fun trip!

I guess the update for this week = status quo


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Janet said...

I saw the musical last summer...amazing!

Amber said...

I'm glad everything is going well!! Your energy will return at some point. I felt amazing throughout the second trimester, but I was exhausted through the 3rd and since their arrival! I hope things continue to go well:)

Ms DanL said...

Oooo you're coming to Chicago?! Maybe we can get together :)

Nikki Kueffer said...


Cheryl said...

You will love Wicked!!! :)