Monday, June 3, 2013

14 Weeks - Second Trimester

Woah!  Here I am already in the second trimester.  This week it felt like things really moved UP internally.  Breathing is a little more difficult and the top of my belly has really started pushing out.  I think now I am really starting to look pregnant!  I had such a great weekend.  I have some pictures to share:

My Mom, Sister-in-law, a few friends and I had tickets to the musical Wicked!  We went a little early to hit up the Madison Farmer's Market and also to get a new pair of "summer" Toms.  So we hit up the farmer's market and enjoyed many of the cheese samples and then had lunch.  Before we had to head over to the show we hit up a store called Shoo and I found these!

Then we headed to the musical and I had already read the book, but most of us had not.  I wasn't sure what to expect because while I didn't hate the book, I really didn't care too much for it.  However, I had heard from a lot of people that the musical was awesome, and it was...

We had front row balcony seats which were great, but also a little scary since the aisle was pretty tight and the railing was low!

Overall, I LOVED the whole thing!  The singing was awesome and their take on the book was pretty accurate to the story line, but cut out so many of the things in the book that made it drag and boring.  I would definitely recommend seeing this if you get the chance! 

I've also been meaning to update some landscape/gardening work we have been doing around the house and I've got new pictures up!

Finally here is the 14 week picture update.  Like I said I can feel my "upper" belly starting to really push out and I really am looking pregnant and am starting to really enjoy it!

Haha...Bosko wanted in on the photo this morning :). 



julie Thomas said...

Glad you liked wicked! We have tickets for 6/21 here in Milwaukee at the Marcus center! My mother in law and a friend were at the show you went to this weekend! I cant wait to go! Sounds like baby is doing good! Love the Photo updates! :)

Ms DanL said...

Those are some amazing Toms. :) I looked at those too but went with the orange pair instead.

Cheryl said...

Looking beautiful Julie! Happy 14 weeks:) And your new TOMS are adorable. I want those, but in GREY ;)