Monday, June 17, 2013

16 Weeks and the noticeable belly

4 months!  Now if you ask me I have had noticeable belly since post retrieval (before being pregnant) but now it seems as though others have started to notice and I'm pretty sure that I am loving it.    I've always been pretty self conscience of my weight and so feeling like I was looking heavy but not noticeably pregnant was honestly kind of difficult for me.  Is that something all first timers go though?

Let's see...still on Zofran as of today, but I feel like more and more each day I may be getting closer to not needing it.  I'm not ready to try to go without it quite yet though.  It has been nice not having to see my breakfast twice.  I also feel like much of my energy been slowly returning however, every time I feel good I think I start to abuse it and overuse my energy plus some and return back to feeling tired again. 

Yesterday was Father's Day and we had a nice day out at my Mom & Dad's.  We cooked lunch for them and my brother's family and then sat around in the afternoon and played cards on the deck since it was such a nice day.  I quickly learned that sunblock is going to be a must this summer.  In a very short time that my shoulder was not covered by the shade I got sun burnt!  Overall it was a really nice day and had little moments of excitement with others wishing the Mr. a happy Father's Day as well!

I can't believe in 4 weeks we will be 1/2 way!  I still keep wavering on my feelings of whether I think it is going to be a boy or girl.  Up to this point I was almost positive thinking it is a boy, but then this weekend I got thinking ...hey maybe girl.  Last night then I had my first dream that it was a BOY.  Who knows!  Only 24ish more weeks until we really find out, but so exciting to think about in the meantime. 

In case you are wondering we do have names picked out for both, but sorry we are not sharing :).  I figure we never really got to do the pregnancy surprise thing so we want to get to have the gender and name a surprise!


Picture to come tomorrow :)

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