Monday, July 8, 2013

19 Weeks!

What a busy past week it has been!  So many good things happening lately!  First big purchase was made this past week...Baby Crib and only technically paid $12.15 for an over $200 crib.  Let me tell you how!

I have been saving up credit card rewards points for awhile now and though my cc I can choose to take cash or a partner gift card which for using $45 I get a $50 gift card.  I found the crib I would like on, saved 12% by being a first time customer, and used my "gift cards" and got free shipping!  What a deal!  We are really starting to get into baby shower planning so getting an idea of what we want to buy and what we want to register for has definitely been on my mind!

Last bit of baby news before going on to holiday weekend happenings I wanted to note I have starting to feel more and more movement going from mostly "bumps or flutters" last week to more direct "kicks" which feel stronger and more localized.  They are more and more frequent too!  I love it!  My next OB is this week Wednesday and then next week is the 20 week ultrasound!

I had a wonderful holiday weekend starting Wednesday night going to see one of my favorite country singers at Summerfest Luke Bryan.  The concert was amazing.  I hope I didn't blow babies ear drums!  I went with my sister-in-law Kendall and we had such a wonderful time.

Then Dick and I headed up north to my parents cabin for the 4th of July holiday weekend.  It was so fun and relaxing.  We played bean bags, sat around the fire, ate brats and burgers and did a little swimming with family and friends.  It was so cute to get a before and after of the pups too.  They always are so energetic on the way up and so wiped out on the way home:

On our way up!

On our way home!
Time just continues to fly by with next week being our halfway point!  That's all for now. 




Nikki Kueffer said...

Total score on the crib! I love an awesome deal particularly on the things we need for our babies. I so look forward to your weekly updates, you didn't mention it but I hope you are continuing to feel better. I can definitely tell I am approaching the third trimester in a couple weeks because my energy level is once again diminishing but I just go slower and do less and I have the best reason in the world to take it easy. Glad you had such a wonderful weekend and love the before and after of the pups-too cute!

Julie said...

Thanks Nikki! Just when I think I am getting better I have another MS episode (morning sickness). Most of the day though I feel great and have more energy. Definitely take it easy now that you are in your 3rd. Once that baby is born and you are chasing around 2 I can only imagine how crazy it will be!!!