Tuesday, November 26, 2013

39 Weeks!

We are almost there!  Yesterday was 39 weeks and I'm going to be honest...I am READY!  I'm doing my best to enjoy this final week/days, but it is so hard just not knowing when baby will be here!  Its almost like back to waiting to find out if we were pregnant in the first place. 

This weekend we put up our Christmas tree and its funny because normally an hour or two and the whole thing is up decorated and lights are on.  This year Dick put up the tree Sunday, yesterday we put on the lights and now tonight I will hopefully get around to decorating.   It just seems funny because this week is also Thanksgiving, but a week later than normal. 

I have my OB check up this afternoon and I'm hoping for some progress!  I'm so excited in fact I had a hard time sleeping...oh and the baby who is right on my bladder didn't help.  I've still got a lot of movement and sometimes they even hurt a little when I get kicked in the ribs.  I'm expecting a long baby based on how far up my side I feel kicks and knowing the head is down, but what do I know!! :)

Anyways, depending on how this week goes we are planning on going to Thanksgiving at my Brother and Sister-in-laws and then we mostly don't have plans after that just in case.  Maybe I will do some holiday shopping from the comforts of my computer and couch.  That's about all for now.  I will leave you with my 39 weeks picture.  I look ready to tip over!!!


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Kate said...

You look great! I am really excited for you and Dick to become parents and to meet this little baby!