Saturday, February 7, 2015

All of the Changes At Once

After tossing and turning for the past hour (its 2:35 AM), I decided to use this pregnancy insomnia to write a blog about all the things we have going on.  In January we got an offer on our house and after some back and forth accepted!!  We will close in early April...yes, I am due in May! Eeks!  I can't remember how much detail I have gone into on this topic, but last year we decided to place our house up for sale for a couple reasons.  The first being this little 2 bedroom ranch is too small for our growing family and second being my Mom needed to downsize from her 4 bedroom farmhouse.  We made the decision to buy it from her and we would move just after we sell our current home.  

Here is the kicker, she is going to be building her new home so we will be roomies until that process is complete.  Here is the second kicker, my younger brother is temp living at home until he finds a new place.  Talk about a "full house."  (see what I did there :).  So let's see...we are moving, we are having a baby...what else could I do to make this more interesting??? Oh I may be changing jobs too...however, the good news is it wouldn't be that big of a change and it would be within the same company.  I'm not 100% sure on all the details of that, but while you are flipping your entire life upside down you have to go all in right??!

We are extremely excited and overwhelmed all at the same time.  We have already begun the process of preparing our 'new' home by cleaning out bedrooms, painting and refurbishing the hardwood floors.  Since I now have 2 children's bedrooms to prepare I have been busy planning themes and picking out things here and there.  If I wasn't so overwhelmed with everything else in life, I would be in heaven!  Baby Girls room will have a black and white color theme with splashes of pink.  Richards room will be a World Traveler theme with neutral tan walls and a blue accent wall.  Both will have hardwood floors with area rugs.

Speaking of babies...Richard is now 14 months old and a walking machine.  He is done with crawling...crawling is for babies and HE is a TODDLER.  This little boy is so energetic and fun and all the things I love, but struggle to keep up with being 26 weeks pregnant.  He loves chattering and copying words you are saying...momma, dadda, baby, and just shrieking randomly in delight.  He throws tantrums here and there, but they are generally short lived and can be easily averted by distracting him with a new toy.  He loves stacking, building and of course taking things out of drawers and now putting them back in.  I can't get enough of this funny little person!  He gives big open mouthed slimy kisses (he now has his top and bottom 4 front teeth and is working on 4 molars.

He is such a good eater and is now learning to eat with a plate and a fork.  I love watching him as he tries to fork something and when succeeds is proud as can be of himself.  His momma is too!  There is nothing I love more than being the over enthusiastic proud momma.  Oh stacked those threw the ball for the puppy....YEAH!!! made a poopy...yea!!!  LOL!  I LOVE IT.

On to #2 - baby girl!  As mentioned I am 26 weeks.  I am feeling mighty fine most of the time other than of course right now...and some lower back pain, but this pregnancy has been breezing by for the most part.  I was partially insane for awhile when our ultrasound came back that baby girl had a bright spot on her heart (Echogenic intracardiac focus).  That particular symptom when combined with other markers can be a marker for downs syndrome.  HOWEVER, I have no other markers at this point and the doctor assured me it can just be part of a normal pregnancy.  I took that information, was perfectly happy with her home... and had a total meltdown.  I never did the amniocentesis so wouldn't know if genetically there were any other markers, but again the doctor said there would have been other markers on the ultrasound and there were not.  I have certainly had my moments that I still worry, but come to the realization that no matter what happens I will love this baby girl with all my heart and in all reality there is an over 99% chance that she is perfectly normal despite this one marker.  

So there you have insane life.  I just go along one day at a time.  I take each challenge and work through it never trying to look too far ahead or I literally may just lose my mind.  On that note I better get back to sleep!


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