Sunday, April 12, 2015

We Are Here

What a blur the past weeks have been!  I'm not going to get too detailed because I'm updating from my phone but here we are moved into our new house and almost exactly one month to go until babies arrival! Everything went well with the moves but unfortunately mixed into moving and closing on the house my Grandmas passed away.  I had a great opportunity to speak with her and tell her I loved her and a last good bye.  I am so thankful because with my Dad I never got the chance being a tragic accident.

So here we are living with my Mom and brother temporarily and honestly it isn't bad at all!  In fact it's almost convenient having help around the house, shared meals, someone to watch Richie while I cook or use the bathroom.  This should last a few more months while my moms house is being built. Perfect timing for having help with the new baby!

As for updates I am currently 35-1/2 weeks pregnant and feeling big but good.  My little man is 16-1/2 months old and the happiest funniest little person you could meet. He keeps us on our toes and with a solid daily schedule has had very little trouble with the big transition we have made.  Let's throw a little sis in next!  Anyways I better try to get back to sleep since my long nights of sleeping are soon going to be gone!

Here is our 2015 Easter Selfie in front of our new house:

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