Saturday, July 18, 2015

Remembering My Amazing Dad

Remember I was going to get another tattoo in memorial of my Dad?  Then this happened instead and I had my Leela girl instead!!  Well I finally found a free moment and came through with my new tattoo!

So as stated I wanted to do something to connect my two current tattoos in a memorial to my Dad.  Here is what I have to work with.

After a few different ideas I came up with forget-me-nots for a few different reasons...

1.  They are absolutely beautiful 
2.   The name, totally perfect
3.   The holy shit how perfect...they are the Alaskan state flower

Those of you who didn't know my Dad, he loved Alaska!  In his 20's he moved up there and worked on the Alaskan pipeline back in the 70's, and so as kids instead of bedtime stories we would hear stories about when Dad lived in Alaska.  It was awesome!

In October of 2013 he passed away and ever since then I've been missing him and his stories.  Anyways I won't make you wait any longer:

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