Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Moving Right Along - IUI

I hope you are ready for an IF update, I know I sure am.  I had my first appointment with my new doctor (aka RE - Reproductive Endocrinologist).  After reviewing our charts she said there was no doubt in her mind that we are ready to step it up and move forward with IUI.  Just to review, we have been working on makin' babies for just over two years now (27 months). In June 2011-November 2011 I started taking Letrozole and still no babies.

The next plan of action is IUI in February (we are already too late for this month) on high dose Letrozole, 11 day ultrasound (here they will check how many follicles are growing and also get an estimated number of total eggs to determine my fertility lifespan), Trigger shot (Ovidrel) to force ovulation and then IUI.  When I say high dose I mean FIVE PILLS per day when I was only taking two before. Risk of twins is 8%, risk of triplets is >1%.  

We are in for a wild ride the next few months.  Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we move forward in our IF treatment.


Amber said...

I am hoping this is all you need to do. This entire IF journey can be so drawn out and emotionally draining. I'll be thinking about you in the next few weeks. I hope everything goes well. This could be it:)
Hang in there!
Let me know if you need anything.

Julie said...

Thanks Amber! We hope so too! Right now we are cutting back our caffeine and alcohol intake to prepare for next month and pumping up on vitamins. It is miserable!!! I miss my coffee:(

Thinking about you and hope everything goes well for you this month!


Melissa said...

Prayers going your way, Julie!

Amber said...

I feel your pain on the caffeine intake. Decaf tea in no way replaces my lovely java. I'm with ya..I miss my coffee.
Thanks for the positive thoughts. I'm taking one day at a time. I'm pregnant until proven otherwise so I'm just enjoying the blissful thoughts of it actually working right now until I'm told otherwise.
Looking forward to your journey and hoping we can be pregnant at the same time!
Keep me updated!