Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2012 Goals - Part 2 - The List

Here they are - my list for 2012 - 12 personal goals to accomplish!  Links will provide more information on details and progress of goals!
  1.  Sew a piece of clothing from a pattern - I have just purchased material for Skirt C.
  2. Cook at least TWO meals per month from recipe or cookbook.
  3. Read at least 12 books in 2012.
  4. Host a theme party - I'm thinking 80's!
  5. Visit a new city in Wisconsin.
  6. Increase the size of my garden.
  7. Compost as much as possible.
  8. Buy something EXTRA special for myself. (A little selfish I know.) I may have gone out and bought myself a coach purse this weekend! :)
  9. Hit my sales budget for the year at work.
  10. Compliment others more often. - I find myself often admiring other people's outfits, shoes, ect. I want to actually go the extra step and make them feel good by letting them know!
  11. Try to put $x in savings.  (Sorry, don't want to share the details of this one.)
  12. Stay positive about our IF journey, and visualize a positive outcome, but also let myself be "sad" when needed.
Stay updated by checking out my other pages, including gardening, crafting and cooking to see if I am accomplishing my goals.  I will hopefully try to add more as I accomplish them.


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Kate said...

I especially like #1! You'll have to post a picture of the finished product.