Wednesday, November 27, 2013

New Look, OB Update and Thanksgiving Review

How do you like the new look.  I feel like every time I go to change things I find a cool new feature! 

My OB Update is really not an update because not much has really changed.  Cervix is still softening, but no dilation at this point.  The OB rooted around in there quite a bit and caused some bleeding, but still no contractions at this point.  However, she said it can change quickly.  My next appointment will be next Tuesday at 1:15 (one day past my due date) that we will begin to discuss our options if nothing has happened at that point.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I'm so happy this year that we have so much to be thankful for.  I can't help but just think back exactly one year to this time.  Remember this?  Right before Thanksgiving we found our 3rd and final attempt at IUI didn't work.  I remember my world falling apart.  I drank too much wine at Thanksgiving and spent most of it sleeping on a very small couch in my brother's basement in a turkey and wine induced coma.  It wasn't pretty by any means.  Thankfully I was able to pull myself back together shortly after and start preparing for my IVF cycle. 

So many things have changed, some good and some bad.  As you know, we started out the year preparing for the IVF cycle, one cancelled cycle in January and full charge in February resulting in a POSITIVE beta in March!  April brought a much needed career change for me and then in May a much needed career change for Dick.  We cruised through spring and summer which in August brought some bad news, the passing of our beloved Bosko.  While I can't say I'm thankful for losing him, I am thankful that he isn't suffering and I know we made the right decision at the time to let him go. 

September we started to heal from that blow and October brought even more tragic news...October 5th, the day my Dad passed away.  After that it was very hard to be thankful for anything...why MY Dad?  Why now?  Why?  God has His reasons.  We've had time to reflect and realize that even though we don't know exactly why we can be thankful for the time we did have with him.  The special bond we formed over the past years while I thought God was punishing me and not letting me have a baby, maybe he was just giving me this time to get close with my Dad.  That is exactly what happened.  My relationship with my Dad changed over the past 4 years, while still Father-Daughter we also became friends.  We went on trips, we chatted about life, we went hunting together and spent weekends hanging out watching football and playing cards.  These are things that may have not happened if I had immediately gotten my wish to become a mother.  I'm not saying that I believe that was the exact reason any of this took place, but I can say I'm thankful for how things worked out.  I still get sad and cry, but often times its hard to cry for long because I begin to think about the wine tasting we did at 10AM on our way home from our fishing trip, or the smile on his face when I shot my first buck with my bow or how much fun we had playing an intense game of 5 handed sheepshead the last weekend I spent with him up at the cabin.

Despite the tragedy this year has brought us, the blessings are also so evident and its hard to be anything but thankful for all we have been given.  The best is yet to come!!!

I will leave you with some pictures.  The first is our Christmas Tree which I did finally get around to decorating! little Lady who is preparing to become a big sister!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

39 Weeks!

We are almost there!  Yesterday was 39 weeks and I'm going to be honest...I am READY!  I'm doing my best to enjoy this final week/days, but it is so hard just not knowing when baby will be here!  Its almost like back to waiting to find out if we were pregnant in the first place. 

This weekend we put up our Christmas tree and its funny because normally an hour or two and the whole thing is up decorated and lights are on.  This year Dick put up the tree Sunday, yesterday we put on the lights and now tonight I will hopefully get around to decorating.   It just seems funny because this week is also Thanksgiving, but a week later than normal. 

I have my OB check up this afternoon and I'm hoping for some progress!  I'm so excited in fact I had a hard time sleeping...oh and the baby who is right on my bladder didn't help.  I've still got a lot of movement and sometimes they even hurt a little when I get kicked in the ribs.  I'm expecting a long baby based on how far up my side I feel kicks and knowing the head is down, but what do I know!! :)

Anyways, depending on how this week goes we are planning on going to Thanksgiving at my Brother and Sister-in-laws and then we mostly don't have plans after that just in case.  Maybe I will do some holiday shopping from the comforts of my computer and couch.  That's about all for now.  I will leave you with my 39 weeks picture.  I look ready to tip over!!!


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Hope Was All We Had - A Poem

For those of you who have followed our story you may remember I like to write poems!  I was thinking of the poem I wrote over a year ago to our "someday baby".  Read it here.  Sorry if that made you cry, I always do when I read it. 

Now that we are so close I thought it was appropriate to write another happier poem!  Here goes:

Hope Was All We Had

There was a time when hope was all we had.
Each month we kept fighting, even when it got bad.

Through the tears and the pain we still dreamed of you.
Praying each day that our dreams would come true.

So much time passed, it seemed too long,
But through it all our faith became strong.

We got the news, you were on your way,
still nervous and scared not sure if you'd stay.

So excited now, we want to meet you so badly,
Proud that we will be known as your Mommy and Daddy.

When we think about you,
We're certain all of our dreams are coming true.


Monday, November 18, 2013

38 Weeks!

Nothing much has changed since last week.  I see the OB tomorrow and I'm not sure if she will check my cervix for changes or not.  I still haven't been having any contractions and I can't remember if she said they will check.  The only thing that makes me think I am close is how big my belly has gotten and how HEAVY the weight feels on my lady parts.  At last weeks check she assured me that the head is down and Baby should be staying put since there isn't much room to maneuver. 

The good news is all the movement I have been still feeling.  Usually as I am winding down for the day Baby is getting nuts!  I think he/she may have even woken me up last night with all the craziness.  I'm so ready to meet this little person!!!

The swelling in my feet and hands still comes and goes.  If I sit too long or stand for too long I get the Fred Flinstone looking feet, but usually by the next morning they are back down a little bit.  I can still shave my legs, but I have to be careful balancing in the shower.  Shortly after balancing on one leg my foot begins to tingle.  I took my rings off for good measure.  They still fit, but I don't want to risk them getting stuck.

This is gross, but I keep checking for a mucous plug when I go to the bathroom, but nothing so far.  I guess I just need to wait and be patient and enjoy these last couple of weeks before the craziness begins.  Baby will come when baby is ready!

Daddy-to-be has been doing some of his own "man-nesting" and my garage was cleaned yesterday.  I keep a task list for him to stay busy and there really isn't that much more to be done!


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

37 Weeks!

Ahhh...I'm late in posting this week.  We have been busy doing some things around the house and preparing for babies arrival!  We are about 99% ready now...I don't think you are ever really 100% ready, but we have everything we will need plus more.

My exciting deal from last week I wanted to share is that when I went in to "close" my baby registry we were sent a 20% off coupon for Babies R Us (15% without the BRU card).  Well since I didn't already have a BRU card she told me if I opened one that I would get an additional 15% that day.  So guess what I did! :)  I really feel like I got some good deals!  I bought the Modela Breast Pump originally at about $280 and with the sale on it plus discounts ended up getting it for $153 which I'm pretty sure is less than buying it at the hospital which they told me was around cost at $200.  The BEST part of the whole thing is I was opening the card and gave the lady my Mom's maiden name and she looks and me and goes..."Don't tell me you are Ellen's daughter!"  and it turns out the lady setting me up is a relative!!!  Small world I tell ya!

My OB appointment went well this week.  For those tracking HB baby was in the 130's this week.  Doctor said it was great.  As far as positioning, baby is head down and we are thinking back facing out with the butt just to the left (my left) of my belly button with little feetsies kicking my right side rib cage.  Kind of in the pike position.

I have to be honest I am getting pretty uncomfortable with how HEAVY I feel.  If I stand for a short period of time my feet start tingling, it is hard to roll over in bed or even lift myself out of bed.  I'm just so thankful for a healthy pregnancy that I really shouldn't even complain about some of the normal discomforts.  One of the things I find to be so funny is every night around the same time baby gets hiccups for 10-15 minutes.  I can't help but laugh because it feels so unusual!!!  I've had so much movement which is great, but at times can be nauseating.  We've got an active little bugger in there! :)

This week I also spoke to my doctor about the "plan" in case labor doesn't start on/before my due date.  I can't remember if I mentioned last week's cervix check was completely closed.  She told me if I start feeling contractions they will do another cervix check and if it starts ripening and no labor they might induce when we get closer to my due date.  If nothing we will wait until past my due date, but go no later than 2 weeks past.

Here is the belly photo for the week:


Monday, November 4, 2013

36 Weeks!

What an eventful couple weeks it has been, both in good ways and bad.  Its been almost exactly a month since we lost dad.  I got a very thoughtful hand written note from my Aunt in the mail this morning and so dad was on my mind.  Then as I was getting ready for work the song from our Father-Daughter dance at my wedding played on Pandora - "My Little Girl" by Tim McGraw.  I lost it!  I don't know if I will ever be able to hear that song again without losing it.  I guess that is okay.

In baby news I'm debating this morning whether I had my first Braxton Hicks contractions or whether I just have gas.  LOL!  Either way we are less than a month away until my due date.  This weekend I had my last baby shower down by Dick's side of the family.  It was really nice everyone was asked to bring a book instead of a card so we have lots of reading material.  I'm still feeling so loved and spoiled!  We have a few things to do in the nursery but for the most part we are ready to go now.  Sitting has become almost as much of a chore as standing.  I didn't realize how rough the weekend was on me.  We went straight from Dick's Mom and Dad's to my parents' house and by 5:00 I was sleeping on the couch, and then came home and went straight to sleep on our couch and then straight to bed.  I'm feeling better today, but man was I wiped!  This week I have my OB check and then every week until BABY is here!!  I can't wait to meet this little one! :):)

Here you go...36 Weeks and looking ready to tip over: